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Elevation Youth Conference

Elevation Youth Conference t-shirts were another great way for churches to promote themselves and show that they have something great. The church truly has what this world needs.

We are also so thankful for all the other customers that are featured in this video, and we love showing our appreciation.

We Are Open!

We are still open! 

   I am so thankful for all of our customer over the past 9 years here at No7 Designs want to make sure that we are here for you. With the Covid 19 outbreak in our country we know that there are still businesses that need apparel for their front line crews. I know that there are some that have closed their shops, but No7 Designs is here to supply that need.

   I opened No7 Designs in early 2011 in my downstairs din, and we grow to the point that it took over my garage. I know that some will not like that we are a home based business but we have made a lot of customers happy. For some reason those people forget that even Amazon had a humble start in the garage of Bezos rented house.

   We have add so many new ways to supply swag, and gear for our clients. With the addition of vinyl, and screen printed heat transfers, we also offer sublimation transfers on multiple substrates. From t-shirts to mugs, tumblers, plates and hundreds of other options to make our customers stand out.

   So don’t forget the No7 Designs is open for business.

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We have been in business for 7 years and it has had its ups and downs. I have wanted to throw in the towel more than a few times, but luckily I have an awesome wife that talked me off the edge.
I am somewhat of a perfectionist and to my downfall more then I should be. Quality is a big pet peeve of mine, and when a shirt is not quite right I have at times let it get to me. I want”No7 Designs” and “Fund it Tees” to have the best product that is out there in our local market. In my eyes 90% is about quality and the other 10% is price, our products have to look good and last for our clients.
I look at just about every t-shirt that I see when I’m out in town, whether or not someone is wearing a shirt or at Walmart. I am always noticing t-shirts, and I have seen some good ones and some really bad ones.
I took my son to a baseball camp at a local high school, and the shirts that they bought from a local business were subpar, to say the least. The camp was great, and the coaches did a fantastic job. I just hate that the school did not get what they paid for, a good t-shirt to represent them and their baseball camp.
I have added a few images to show how that the registration is off and how that it should have looked. Registration is a necessary part of making a multiple color t-shirt look right, and stand out. I know that it is really hard to get every shirt to turn out perfect, but the colors should be as close as it can be.
We here at No7 Designs are not perfect nor will we ever claim to be! If a t-shirt does not meet my standards of quality we will not let it get to our customers, and if something gets out we make sure to get it right asap. We have given a lot of shirts away to our local Veterans Administration (VA) to give to some of our homeless or struggling Veterans. Giving to the VA helps with the pain of losing profits by helping others in need.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

 2018 is finally here and we at No7 Designs want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We are looking forward to what things are going to happen this year.

 Last year we redesigned our website and we’re looking to get the designer up and going before spring. The new year brings a lot of new challenges and also brings a lot of opportunities no matter what your business is keep in mind always press forward shoot for the stars. Anything can be accomplished with the right mindset and the right tools, there is nothing that we cannot do, after all, we are Americans and this is the land of opportunity.

 Our country has always been one that is head of the game, innovators true entrepreneurs looking to do things better faster than anyone else in the world. So in this New Year’s let your business sore because opportunities are out there, go and make the most of them.

New and Fun Designs

   We are looking forward to the future of No7 Designs, and we are always looking for new design ideas to make our business great. Here No7 Designs we don’t want to be just the run of the mill t-shirt company that make just the basic t-shirt design, but we want to help our customers get noticed.
   Most of our clients are churches, schools, and businesses but we are looking to branch out into the individual consumer market. We hope to at some point to showcase our abilities to an open market and offer more creative designs with a modern look.
   The t-shirt market is changing every day and we as screen printers have to keep up with the demand. The shirts that were hot last week are old news this week, so new designs are the most important thing that we do.
   Keep checking out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds for new design ideas and for our T-shirt Tuesday.  Contact us if you need custom designed shirts for any occasion.

Ultimate Guide To Church Fundraisers


Ultimate Guide To Church Fundraisers

In terms of having a successful fundraiser for your church, there is no question that you have a lot of options. The challenge is to consider the pros and cons of each possibility. This can include things like t-shirts, but fundraisers can also cover events/items like a bake sale, vinyl decals, a yard sale, candle sales, or even a chili cook-off.

Fundraisers can combine some of these ideas, but you probably won’t want to try and mount an event that will encompass all of these suggestions. At least for now, and this holds particularly true for anyone who is running a fundraiser for their church for the first time, learn more about the different options that are available to you. From there, it can be helpful to get an idea of what the church community as a whole might enjoy. Building your fundraising efforts around something you know they are going to respond to can naturally ensure the event is a success that’s enjoyed by everyone.

But which fundraising event is ideal for your church? T-shirts? A bake sale? Can something like vinyl decals really stand on their own as the perfect item for your event? The more you learn about these ideas, the easier it will be to find something your church is certain to love.

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As most of you know we have been working on our rebranding for No7 Designs, it has been an undertaking, to say the least. We have changed our logo, and have been working on a new design for our website. I never thought that so much had to go into making a website work, and look right so that customers would want to come back.
I am so grateful for my good friend and web designer CJ Hallock, who has helped me through the whole process. Having all the content aka text and pictures that I want on the site, has been time-consuming. Along with working on T-shirt and vinyl projects jobs that I have struggled to get it all done.
What most people fail to realize is that website content doesn’t just fall out of the sky, though I wish that it did! I have learned so much over the past few months that I hope that this redesign will last for a while. I know that it has taken so long to get it all done, but I am sure that everyone will love the finished product.
I have been looking for the right product designer for our customers to be able to create their own custom shirts. This has proven to be a little harder than I thought that it would be, as everything else is when it comes to getting our website to the highest level that we can. As we move forward, we plan to have the ability to design t-shirt, hoodies, polos, poster, yard signs, and professional business card.
We are so excited for the new look of our website, and we hope that you do too. No7 Designs is moving forward to reaching a level never before seen in a business model for the Tri-Cities area. We hope that you will join us and make No7 Designs the goto for all your printing needs.
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