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No7 Designs is a Christian based business, and we reserve the rights to decline any, and all projects that are contrary to our religious convictions. This is not to offend anyone or any groups, but we stand upon the teachings of the Holy Bible.

No7 Designs will not do a project that would infringe on a copy written artwork or slogan, from any existing company. All customer provided artwork must be royalty free, or licensing letter must be provided.

No7 Designs will not back a product that has been improperly cared for; an apparel care instruction guide will be included with every purchase. If there is not an instruction guide in your order, one will be mailed or emailed to you upon request.

All orders with deadlines under 10 day will be base price plus 25% and orders less the 7 Days will be base price plus 50%. This means that all artwork and product quantities must be turned to ensure product availability.

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