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PPW Mark Pleasant

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          We are trying something new with our Power Player of the Week, by writing a blog along with their Bio this will give our followers more information about the PPW. This will also bring more attention to the Power Player of the Week (PPW), and may increase their followers, and business.

Mark Pleasant

          I met Mark about 20 years when our church was starting up their television broadcast, and he was a tremendous help in training us on our equipment. Mark spent hours on the phone guiding me though a lot of trouble shooting, and I will always be grateful for all his help.

         Mark Pleasant formed Small Wonder Studio in 1973. Since then he has been producing, directing, and shooting original productions, music videos, TV commercials corporate promotions and documentaries around the world. Working in film & video SWS has tackled many production assignments through the years, from shooting a Noah’s Ark documentary in eastern Turkey to tourist promotions in Cancun Mexico.


         Mark received a regional EMMY award for his design and direction of a series of animated TV spots for the corporate giant Viacom television. Mark’s clients have included RCA/BMG records, CBS television, ABC television, Atmos Energy, and CURB records. Mark served as a cameraman on the first High Definition television documentary shot in the U.S. and viewed on PBS television.


         In the last year Mark has launched a new enterprise featuring his award winning animations. With his graphic design and computer animation experience Mark is creating theatrical stage projections featuring beautifully designed backgrounds. His latest work is for the stage play “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” the package contains over 60 meticulously animated scenes to be used as background projections for the stage play. As of today, the package has been sold to universities and school systems from England to New Zealand, from Canada to South Africa and all places in-between. He is currently working on scenes for “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast”


         With over 45 years of production experience Mark has shown no sign of slowing down.” I love what I do. I am so blessed to be able to work in a field I love and there is always something more to learn. God has been very gracious to me through the years.”


         Check out Mark’s YouTube channel SmallWStudio, we have added just a few links to some of his videos, I hope that you will enjoy them and subscribe to his channel.


Here’s the link to the OZ clips I talked about

Here’s some of my corporate work

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