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Kingsport Speedway

We were @ Kingsport Speedway tonight working out the details on shirts for them, I can’t wait to do their project! I have lost interest in racing over the years, but being @ Kingsport Speedway brought back the joy of hearing the sounds of cars flying around the track. In comparison to Bristol it may be smaller but it was awesome hearing that sound and feeling the vibration from the cars racing.

I was granted access to go down into the pits to talk to the drivers, I made some really good contacts, and met some really nice people. Racing has been termed a good ole boys sport, to I see nothing wrong with that. Fast cars and good times are what racing is about in the south, and there is no better way to experience it then @ Kingsport Speedway. So stop by one Friday night and fall in love with a great southern sport, in Kingsport or the local NASCAR home track near you.

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