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It’s a little known fact about No7 Designs, other than our t-shirts, we also do Promotional items. We are a broker for over 450,000 products, as friend of mine Ken Hayes calls it SWAG. It is an awesome way to promote your business, church, school or special interest group. We have supplied products to professionals in the medical field, realtors, and Churches, and we are adding new products every day. We are offer high end gifts to impress that big corporate client, or the basic item to tell your base customers thanks for their business.

ProductImage (1) Whatever you’re looking for we can get you into the right product to showcase you company. Just like these fold out picnic chairs that we did for “The Momentum Group” realtors located here in Kingsport, TN. We are working on their t-shirts this week, they are an awesome group of people, I loved working with Joana Hover and her team.


Momentum 2

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