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Veterans Administration

Veterarationns Administ

We took our overstock shirts to the VA yesterday for our Veterans. While in the office dropping off the shirts, there were two veterans there, when we gave them some of the shirts they were so grateful. So many times our Service men and women are forgotten, and to me, that is such a shame and is unacceptable. The US military troops run head first into harm’s way, and never get the thanks that they so deserve.

I have started something new in my life; when I see one of our military service men, women, and police officers, I thank them for their service. If every one of us did this it would show them the honor that they deserve, even if only a small offering, their sacrifice would seem a little more worth giving.

The VA in Johnson City, TN. needs a lot of items for our veterans, they will even take used clothing too. One of the most needed things that they are looking for right now is shoes, if you have anything that you can donate, please do so. This is the time of year that everybody thinks about giving, but let’s all keep this heart for others all year round. If we keep the giving spirit in our hearts all year, we could make this world a much better place!

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