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Social Media

Social media is a valid part of any new business big or small; it is a proven way to draw customers to your business.  A lot of people get a little misguided about Social media; it’s not a place for straight forward sales pitches. You have to warm people up to you, and the value of your business to them.

Customers want to be made to feel like they are getting a deal, sometimes you have to give to get. The old saying “you have to have money to make money”, is hard but true. To win the favor of your social media fans you have to give a little, not so much in a monetary form, but in information.

That information does not have to pertain to your business; it can be funny, about history, a new recipe, or even sporting facts. The main thing is to be human, and not a sales machine that is after their money. My customer base has been for the most part churches, Christian schools, and some small business, so a lot of my posts have a religious undertone; being from the south that makes it a little easier to use religion, guns, and American pride.

So when dealing with your social media account, remember, offer your follower more than a sales pitch.

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