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Promotional Products

It’s a little known fact about No7 Designs, other than our t-shirts, we also do Promotional items. We are a broker for over 450,000 products, as friend of mine Ken Hayes calls it SWAG. It is an awesome way to promote your business, church, school or special interest group. We have supplied products to professionals in the medical field, realtors, and Churches, and we are adding new products every day. We are offer high end gifts to impress that big corporate client, or the basic item to tell your base customers thanks for their business.

ProductImage (1) Whatever you’re looking for we can get you into the right product to showcase you company. Just like these fold out picnic chairs that we did for “The Momentum Group” realtors located here in Kingsport, TN. We are working on their t-shirts this week, they are an awesome group of people, I loved working with Joana Hover and her team.


Momentum 2

Southern Cruisers St Judes benefit ride

I’m so thankful that we have had another opportunity to work with a motorcycle club for a special event; The Southern Cruisers ride to benefit St Judes research hospital, with their local chapter’s annual Tennessee Ridge Runners weekend. I’m glad that we can help bring more attention to such a worthy cause, I hope that our business grows to the point that I can volunteer some of my time to our local branch of St Judes. When I see the commercials or any advertisement for St Judes, my heart goes out to the families with children that are sick. We are a Christian based company that believes in prayer, and we do pray for all those involved with the care of these children. They are a special group of people whom God has given a huge heart, and we wi10866197_10204903337485220_3044242865921573394_o 11228540_10204903151720576_3629653743754560899_o 11411597_10204903389446519_4257607544439782823_o 11538064_10204903342485345_6493560515704668563_o 11693830_10206371143271761_8665599672586852601_nll stand with them.

Ehlers – Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

EDS Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

This have been a great few months, we have printed a lot of cool new shirts, embroidered hats, and printed some really cool promotional items. But there has been none greater than the #EDS Ehlers Danlos Syndrome shirts. We are so glad that we could be a part of raising awareness for this cause, having the opportunity to give back for the research in hopes of finding a cure.

There are many great causes out there that we as business owners can help shine a light on, and encourage people the to start programs to raise awareness for need in their communities. There is a saying in the networking circles, “Giver Gain” this is a true statement. The acts of kindness have somehow been lost in our country, and the words Please and Thank You seem to be a forgotten dialect.

I hope that we all can get to the point that we do not forget those that do not have it as well as we do in life, our good health, our families, and the roof over our heads. Help when you can and pray when you can’t.

Social Media

Social media is a valid part of any new business big or small; it is a proven way to draw customers to your business. A lot of people get a little misguided about Social media; it’s not a place for straight forward sales pitches. You have to warm people up to you, and the value of your business to them.

Customers want to be made to feel like they are getting a deal, sometimes you have to give to get. The old saying “you have to have money to make money”, is hard but true. To win the favor of your social media fans you have to give a little, not so much in a monetary form, but in information.

That information does not have to pertain to your business; it can be funny, about history, a new recipe, or even sporting facts. The main thing is to be human, and not a sales machine that is after their money. My customer base has been for the most part churches, Christian schools, and some small business, so a lot of my posts have a religious undertone; being from the south that makes it a little easier to use religion, guns, and American pride.

So when dealing with your social media account, remember, offer your follower more than a sales pitch.

Johnny’s / Wiseman’s

We just got done printing 500 shirts for Johnny’s Shoe Store, and Wiseman’s Western Wear. Businesses like Johnny’s and Wiseman’s use t-shirts as advertising, and everyone loves a comfortable tee. The folks at Johnny’s and Wiseman’s were awesome to work with.

Did you know about 70% of people have atleast 10 t-shirts! What a great and easy way to get your business’ name out there! Don’t forget Christmas is right around the corner and custom tees and hoodies always make great gifts! At No7 Designs, we pride ourselves on quality products, custom designs and fair pricing. Want to find out more? Check out the rest of our website and like us on our Facebook page!

Ecommerce Store

Zombie T-shirt Its be a busy but great few months here at No7 Designs, several big orders, and the opening of our new e-commerce Store this week, I have not had much time to blog. We at No7 Designs are doing whatever we can to grow our brand, and provide the best quality product that we can. We only have one shirt that is available in our store today, a zombie shirt that I designed for a local gun store, The more that we are able to grow, the more that we will add to our store. We are going to try to have a variety of shirts, so we can attract more diverse clients. Stay tuned to out website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.




Kingsport Speedway

We were @ Kingsport Speedway tonight working out the details on shirts for them, I can’t wait to do their project! I have lost interest in racing over the years, but being @ Kingsport Speedway brought back the joy of hearing the sounds of cars flying around the track. In comparison to Bristol it may be smaller but it was awesome hearing that sound and feeling the vibration from the cars racing.

I was granted access to go down into the pits to talk to the drivers, I made some really good contacts, and met some really nice people. Racing has been termed a good ole boys sport, to I see nothing wrong with that. Fast cars and good times are what racing is about in the south, and there is no better way to experience it then @ Kingsport Speedway. So stop by one Friday night and fall in love with a great southern sport, in Kingsport or the local NASCAR home track near you.

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