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Kingsport Speedway

We were @ Kingsport Speedway tonight working out the details on shirts for them, I can’t wait to do their project! I have lost interest in racing over the years, but being @ Kingsport Speedway brought back the joy of hearing the sounds of cars flying around the track. In comparison to Bristol it may be smaller but it was awesome hearing that sound and feeling the vibration from the cars racing.

I was granted access to go down into the pits to talk to the drivers, I made some really good contacts, and met some really nice people. Racing has been termed a good ole boys sport, to I see nothing wrong with that. Fast cars and good times are what racing is about in the south, and there is no better way to experience it then @ Kingsport Speedway. So stop by one Friday night and fall in love with a great southern sport, in Kingsport or the local NASCAR home track near you.

6 Color Upgrade

Happy New Year from, We are excited about what we are going to be able to do this year. We have got our new 6 color press upgrade installed and ready to create some awesome new shirt designs.

With a 6 color we can print the more complex high end graphic shirts, as we inter this New Year we hope to obtain new high end customers, but we are committed to the basic of customer request. Even though we are looking to expand our client base, we want to help all our customers to be successful in getting their business, church, school, or sports team noticed.

As a screen printer it’s important for our business to satisfy our customers with their orders. If quality is job one, we will make our clients more than just a number, but we will build relationships that will keep them coming back. I have realized that about 90-95% of our business is return business. So for us at No7 Designs getting it right the first time is crucial to retaining our client base.

Updating Equipment

We are updating our equipment here at No7 Designs, we have ordered our 6 color, 4 station upgrade from Printa Systems. We are excited to get our new equipment and stepping up our game here at No7 Designs; so that we can offer more to our customers.

Welcome to No7 Designs

Welcome to! We are a four color Silk Screen Printer, located in Kingsport, TN. We are here to get your Business, Church, School, or Sports Team noticed, and there is nothing better than a silk screened printed T-shirt to get you message out to the public. Whether you want to upload your own artwork or have us to design your new t-shirt, we will make sure that your visit to is a great experience.

No. 7 Designs in Kingsport Test.

This is a test post for the new website of No. 7 Designs in Kingsport, TN. Where designing custom T-Shirts, posters, decals and more is the fun and passion.

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